G-LOC: Gravity Induced Loss of Consciousness

This build introduces a major new mechanic with broad consequences for pilot maneuvering and tactics. For the first time your pilot's physiology is being modeled. The effects of G forces caused by acceleration are now modeled. These can cause grayout, blackout, redout, and if G-LOAD is not reduced eventually will cause full loss of consciousness (G-LOC). Besides the degradation of vision you will also begin to lose your hearing as you get closer to G-LOC. Your ship is now equipped with a G-Load warning system to help you avoid reaching G-LOC. If you enter G-LOC you will lose complete awareness and control over your ship for a full five seconds. It is helpful to understand how the human body reacts to G forces. We can handle very high G forces over a very short period of time quite well, where we run into problems is when significant G forces are maintained over several seconds. So while RAM or PSH can result in massive acceleration since they are applied over a short period of time they are usually safe. Where you have to be the most careful is during sustained turns at high speeds and high degrees of rotation. 

Also in this build are enhancements to the proximity warning system. It will now tracks the number of projectiles or hazards within 3 seconds of impact. It also provides warnings for the hazard zones on the boards of the battlefield. 

SRM spin up phase has been improved for better high speed launches, it should be much easier to avoid hitting yourself with SRM at high speeds. The AI has also had their defensive routines upgraded to better deal with the improved SRM homing algorithm introduced in the previous build. They are also better at defense in general and make better use of their defensive equipment.

There is a new target velocity arrow displayed in white. This is a very useful tool and helping you out maneuver your target or improve your firing solution, aligning your own velocity arrow with the target velocity arrow will make hitting your target easier. The HUD also now displayed the repairable portion of you or your targets energy bar in a copper color making it much easier to distinguish between targets who are low on energy but have no repairs vs those who are low on energy and have high repairs. Use this to your advantage when picking your targets.

I look forward to play testing these changes with you today.

Stay frosty,

Fernando Z

Complete list of changes:

  • SRM spin up phase improved for consistent high speed launches
  • Further improvements to AI defensive moves 
  • Bots now have same heat sink count as humans   
  • Added a modest incremental SRM salvo size cost increase   
  • Changed End of match color formating to be clearer
  • New Target Velocity Arrow on radar (align with your own vel arrow)   
  • Time of Impact warnings now includes count of incoming hazards   
  • Added additional magenta level to Impact in warning at <= 0.6 seconds   
  • Added support for proximity warning for hazards on all sides   
  • Speed boost for Alliance Banshee (32 -> 47) and Leviathan (40 -> 47)   
  • Banshee gets closer before firing ion and ion damage increased   
  • Menu entry of active main control method in green (mouse, joystick or gamepad)   
  • Increased comms/info msg screen time from 10sec to 15sec   
  • Much shorter unlock times in transport match mode (for more last minute saves)   
  • Separated head tracking settings into own panel   
  • Added pilot physiology model for G-LOAD effects   
  • Damaged but repairable energy capacity now displayed in copper (was black)


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Version 2228 Apr 21, 2019

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