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As usual I've been releasing weekly updates to Hunternet, but I have neglected to post a devlog in a while. In part this has been because a lot of the work has been on the mobile version and getting it up to par with the PC version here on I'll probably start posting more regular devlogs here again. But if you want to follow the project closely the best way is to join the discord and the weekly playtests were I cover the changes live as we try new builds together.  You can also watch the last streamed playtest on my twitch channel.

The latest build attached to this devlog was made for the Taipei Game Show Indie Fest where I show cased Hunternet. The expo went well and it marked the debut of our first official concept art.  The art takes place on the planet you see in the current build's map. In the future I would like to support both outer space and planetary surface missions with a variant of the old earth frame flight model being used for planetside battles. This concept art illustrates that possibility and also highlights the multi-species nature of the Hunternet, the elegant ships, and advanced beautiful cities of core planets.

Some of the most important changes in the last few builds have been the implementation of five new match modes. The current build has an experimental feature called emulated roll, it has encouraged me to provide optional full roll support so I will be giving that a try soon and adding it to the game if it does not require too much effort. 


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