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This week's build has a wide variety of changes. Foremost, you can now change your fighter type loadout anywhere via the help screen instead of just in the hangar. Give the fighter a spin and experiment with different loadouts. I'm thinking of flying with Explosive, Ricochet, and Traps, how about you? Some important gameplay tweeks also arrive with this build. Absorb and Repel's cost have been increased by 50% so letting the other player drain themselves dry is a much more viable tactic than before. 

It's also a great time to get those environmental kills using the death zone, wreckages will rise much faster the deeper they are, while still giving bungee users a chance to snatch them away from the competition. Link has had its recharge boost decreased so that linked duels won't drag out for to long. 

The help screen has been reworked to make it clear you will not do well if you don't put it in a minimum amount effort in order to learn how the game's core shooting-flying-aiming mechanics work together. 

The equipment help for all homing (other than missiles) now make sure to mention that initial homing is based on a fixed homing cone of 90 degrees aligned with your forward vector. The hud also draws the forward vector in red if you attempt to charge a homing attack while your target is outside of this 90 degree homing cone. This should help you understand how homing works for non-homing missiles and help you get a better feel for it.

I've started working on configurable UI for the mobile version and after that is finished I will work on setting up a online server for it so we can test mobile cross platform multiplayer as a community. 

I look forward to seeing how this build plays out this weekend, and hope to see you all in the Hunternet.

Fernando Z

  • Fix: External hacked marker was not showing when radar display was visible   
  • Updated equipment with info on forward vector homing cone. (Keebz)   
  • Forward vector red if charging target is in homing cone (Keebz)   
  • New lock view setting (defaults to on) prevents mouse wheel from changing your view unless you are using repel pod (Carl)
  • VoiceBot intro plays after closing of community message window (Carl)   
  • Fighter type can now quick change their loadout in Help screen   
  • Cleaned up Academy and shooting range   
  • Improved read this or you will suck help screen.   
  • Link regen boost now 50% if rivals and 100% if allies
  • Speed up wreckage rise speed based on depth via realistic buoyancy force (urm)  
  • Increased absorb and repel costs by 50% (urm)   
  • Fix: Made sure to reset fighter fire mapping if loadout reset to default

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Version 1892 Oct 18, 2018

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