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This week I put some more work into the Fighter type's design upgrade. The most important change is that the fighter type gets a dedicated universal third fire slot and key. Equipment is no longer frame specific, like in the previous build, but you get an extra equipment slot and it is much easier to keep in mind what you have since it is not per frame. This also means that you could make a mech/heavy frame only build or a starfighter only build. In other words, you are no longer forced to have frame shift as your third bit of equipment. Given the current 16 equipment options, this means you now have hundreds of fighter loadouts to choose from. 

Absorb and Repel had an important fix, equipping these powerful defensive abilities on the fighter frame switches you from polarized hull plating to scout type shielding instead. Without this change, it was to easy to activate absorb or repel after getting hit instead of before.

I also fixed an important bug with the radar and homing missile lock on system. Standing still and drifting where shutting down your radar as intended and hiding your from scout's passive radar, but it was not hiding you from the fighter's radar. What all this means is that you can hunker down or drift to prevent a homing missile lock but only if the opponent does not have a line of sight on you.

The bungee has also been updated to work well with the fighter type. I will be revisiting every piece of equipment in the game to make sure it adapts itself for maximum fun when used with the now configurable fighter type. This includes the currently disabled tracer and frame.

The frog ability had an old quick fix removed. In previous builds, you could still use the fighter type boost when frogged (although under a gravitational pull). But you should instead be using smash or some other ability to help deal with frog's debuff. The boost plus frog physics was actually allowing you to move faster when frogged than with regular boost, which was fine only as a stop gap until fighter gained more tools to defend itself.

As always check out the list below for all the fine details. I am looking forward to what builds you all come up with after this update :D See you in the net ;)

Fernando Z

  • Show Boost Alt input mapping in Fighter Keymap settings
  • Fighter gains a generic Fire 3 button instead of Frame Switch
  • Only swap in a heatsink if an ability is not mapped to any fire key (1-3)
  • If fighter equips absorb or repel they will now take fire stun
  • Push is now part of fighter's default loadout as Fire3 (middle mouse button)
  • Continue to hold score key to see loadout details and target's target
  • Show new custom fighter equipment descriptions in hangar vs on scout screen
  • Reworked the fighter's help screen to be loadout independent
  • Fix: Powerball pip was showing in lower left corner when hidden
  • Fix: Hiding the status bar was messing up side menu UI
  • Fighter type bungee now lowers your drag for faster swing speed
  • Fighter type can no longer use boosters when frogged (was a temporary buff)
  • New hide cockpit model setting (TzeroX)
  • Self-hack no longer hides you from tracer when outside of radar range
  • Self-hack now halves radar effectiveness and doubles your tracer distance
  • Fix: Being idle needs to hide you from fighter radar (like passive radar)
  • Fix: If target is idle homing missiles also require LOS

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Version 1880 Oct 10, 2018

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