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For the first time the fighter type loadout can be customized :). You can press the frame key to swap between two different sets of equipment (by default both sets are mapped to explosive + ricochet). This is the first step in the upgrade to the fighter's capabilities. The plan is to let you switch between the fighter frame and a new mech frame but for this build, only the loadout changes. I will build out the new mech frame over the course of the next few builds. It will start as a copy of the earth frame but evolve to its own unique frame from there.

There have also been lots of learning curve improvements in this week's build. The new reticle art is more self-explanatory. I've hidden more advanced options by default to help players focus on the basics. For the nitty gritty check out the list below.

I remain unchallenged and undefeated, with my money in my pocket :).

Come at me,
Fernando Z

  • New reticle art to help make each reticles purpose more obvious
  • Settings > Controls "Hide Terrain pip" (off by default)
  • Settings > Controls "Hide Powerball pip" (on by default)
  • Default pilot portrait and tribe
  • Call to native windows API to work around Unity cursor leaving window bug
  • "Replaced by Heat Sink" > "A heat sink is currently occupying this slot"
  • Reticle flare blinks when the correct aim sound fx plays (Keebz)
  • Lowered music volume (urm)
  • Removed Hide HUD hotkey and replaced with a hide HUD setting
  • Scout can no longer use frame to switch to fighter type
  • Fighter type can now change loadout (use the hangar displays)
  • Hide switch to scout type button by default (Controls)
  • Update help screen with reticle icons and tips
  • Show help screen by default for newbie pilots
  • Show terrain pip but hide speedometer and target facing angle
  • Default mouse look ahead set from 45 degrees to unlimited
  • New setting hide target line, on by default
  • Hide recharge rate setting (updated poster with reference to turning it on)
  • Discord image button added to the fighter help screen
  • Fighter type can press frame key (new mapping, middle mouse button) to swap equipment (2x2)

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Version 1870 Oct 04, 2018

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