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Since my return from the plains of Spain the mobile port has progressed nicely. I've managed to find the source of some performance problems on Android which enabled me to add music and sound effects to the port. I've made usability improvements to the HUD and added auto-targeting and auto-firing support. The fighter type has been further refined and in this build gains the very useful ability to smash (ram) at any time by tapping explosives (left click) while drifting. Check out the list below to see what else has changed since the last devlog. Starting this week I will be releasing new builds midweek in order to spend more time recruiting new players and setting up special events. I hope to start a small private alpha of the mobile build soon. It has cross-platform play with the PC version on itch.io. If you would like to try the mobile version please join me on the discord.


  • Your ship is now golden in radar display (golden baby bird)
  • Blip firing alert is now golden (was green) if you are the target
  • Thicker HUD lines for certain elements for improved readability
  • Increased vortex bungee radius 2u -> 3u and doubled vortex impulse
  • Continuous powerball and player bungee vortex
  • Lowered quad boost cost by 20% (Zopto)
  • Fighter type shows nav icon for last wreckage you killed (not tracer based)
  • Fighter type radar active if the engine is running and off if idle (no passive)
  • Don't show target player pip if they are off screen
  • New continuous auto targeting
  • Player names for max detail (non-instanced) players increased from 20u to 30u
  • Show energy bars for GPU instanced players (same as mobile)
  • Marvin's take each other's Hunter rating into account same as with humans
  • Turn off player or bot hunter ranking level up in mobile prototype
  • Turn off persistent hunter rank in mobile prototype
  • Mobile support for switching between hi and lo bot counts
  • Fix: Mobile microphone usage was causing a huge performance drop
  • Added mobile fps warning * to HUD when the status box is hidden
  • Added and optimized music and sound effects for mobile builds
  • Mobile builds run in performance mode by default
  • Refactored Unity OnGUI usage on mobile to avoid GC spikes
  • Switched music tracks to stream from disk format
  • Fixed switch from Drone camera tilt glitch (Zopto)
  • Fixed a bug in team change logic
  • Auto target switch is no longer locked while firing or charging
  • Scout ability panels switched from buy/sell to toggle heatsink/ability
  • Removed credit display from the status bar area
  • Removed credit display on monster pickup
  • Disabled .notrain command (was there to skip double blue ricochet)
  • Default Frame switch type now Earth instead of Fighter
  • New default scout loadout: all primaries + 8 heat sinks (no secondaries)
  • Match modes no longer resets loadouts or gives you any starting score
  • "Awaken a chosen one." in the status bar when one hasn't been chosen
  • Updated posters in Academy to take recent fighter type changes into account
  • Arena subtitle is now: Daring duels and massive brawls
  • New arena welcome message for newbies
  • Minor updates to ability descriptions
  • Added another discord message to safe zone's Arena billboard
  • To use Fighter Explosive Smash, tap fire while drifting. Stop drifting to end.
  • Updated fighter type help screen tips
  • Fighter link now also boosts recharge rate (use Ricochet Smash to avoid absorb)
  • New built in voice chat setting and turned voice chat off by default


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Version 1862 Sep 19, 2018

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