Going to Spain, No time to explain

Not much time left before my trip to Spain, but here is one last quick devlog before I return in about two weeks. Most of the changes have been in getting the mobile version closer to parity with the PC version. Controls, map, performance, etc have all been improved and I think it is probably already good enough to demo. I've included the changes that pertain to both versions or only the PC version below. When I get back it will be full steam ahead. I'll drop by the discord using my phone from time to time. Have fun while I'm away and be sure to blow up a few Marvin's in my stead :D

Fernando Z

  • Fix: Mouse Filtering was not correct unless off or set to 10 (thx, Shikei)
  • Fixed Unity raw mouse deltas to match actual hardware values (* 2f)
  • New default mouse sensitivity=2 (360 degrees in 26cm or 10inches)
  • Forced mouse sensitivity and mouse filtering reset to default on this build
  • Handy mouse dpi and sens to 360-degree turn in cm and in
  • Fixed some camera issues with the new mouse controls
  • Maps no longer have to include a safe zone can be just the Arena
  • Fix: GPU instanced drawing was not displaying while the player was dead
  • Fix: Don't show "Press H to equip smash" when using Fighter Smash
  • Smash now has proximity sensor does half damage but regular push
  • Improved instanced explosive material (no longer 100% flat)
  • Added a weak buoyancy force so that wreckages slowly float out of the hurt zone
  • Reverted solo trap back to homing trap instead of fast vortex trap
  • Smash now protects players from being pushed
  • Setting voice bot volume to zero disables all use of voice bot
  • Reload supported resolutions when entering Graphics panel (DaddyKruel)
  • Require forward to be down for fighter explosive smash
  • Homing Bungee converted into a Vortex Bungee (powerball still to come)


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Version 1828 Jul 29, 2018

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