Of Mice and Vortices

Last week I managed to mess up the new mouse controls. They still worked ok some of the time, but on my system it got so bad I had to switch to the traditional mouse controls. Well this build includes the fix so I recommend you give the new look ahead mouse controls another try. The game will also reset your mouse sensitivity since the logic changed a bit in this build.

This build introduces the new vortex sensor. It is similar to the proximity sensor but has a larger radius and instead of exploding will attract the projectile towards its target, also unlike the proximity sensor it is only triggered by your target. I'll be using a variation of this sensor with bungee. But for now you can try it with traps. If you charge trap you will get a fast non-homing trap (same speed as explosive rocket) that is equipped with a vortex sensor. This is just my first take on it, so it is likely to require some tuning or changes, worst case scenario I'll revert traps to regular homing. Bungee's vortex sensor will work with both the targeted player and any nearby powerballs. It will have a stronger vortex effect vs powerballs than vs players.

I'll be spending the rest of this week working on the mobile version. Things are going really well on that front. Stay tuned for more :).

Fernando Z

  • +25% Ricochet cost, damage/energy ratio still better but closer to explosive
  • Mouse sensitivity setting is now independent of mouse smoothing setting
  • Fixed, look ahead mouse control bug that was sometimes causing camera stutters
  • Track previous version run on your system for upgrade logic
  • Source Engine mouse sensitivity factor is UI only (store raw value)
  • Refactored some of the ship control code
  • More aggressive bot AI vs trainees and lowered trainee armor vs bots
  • Shorter Discord purple trainee welcome message
  • Scout can use Frame without equipping it in the safe zone for faster setup
  • Test: Solo Traps non-homing but fast with single target vortex sensor


hunternet-windows-alpha.zip 311 MB
Version 1803 Jul 18, 2018

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