Looking Ahead

I've prepared this week's build a bit early. It includes a refined version of the new look ahead mouse controls. Look ahead based mouse controls are the new default. Give it a try and be sure to adjust the new look ahead mouse sensitivity to your liking. Smash true to it's namesake now also pushes players relative to the hit point. I'm also thinking of giving smash a target only proximity sensor allowing it to do reduced damage and push for non-direct hits against the targeted player. I'll be spending the rest of the week on the mobile version. See you all during the playtest.

Fernando Z

  • Fix: Fighter type attacks were not canceling repel cool downs
  • Look ahead mouse control now animates cockpit stick properly
  • Look ahead mouse control now gradually comes to a stop (instead of instantly)
  • Support for look ahead limit and span with config settings
  • Fallback to normal view control if drone, spying, turret, or spectator
  • Can use free look without having to use look ahead mode
  • Improved dead player camera handling
  • Don't show "make a few turns" tip when in look ahead mode
  • Added cockpit physics animation support to look ahead mode
  • Made look ahead mouse controls the new default
  • Matched Source/Quake engine mouse sens defaults m_yaw/m_pitch = 0.022
  • Updated auto fire system to work properly in top-down views
  • Look ahead and Free look use center of screen, not fixed reticle for targeting
  • Ignore the facing angle when drawing target boxes for look ahead and free look
  • Draw fixed reticle markers at screen center if reticle not in view
  • Auto-targeting always use craft orientation not camera orientation
  • Trainee double blue ricochet completely removed (was only vs. bots)
  • Don't show early spawn disabled message if fighter type
  • Explosive Smash: forward only, increased range & FOV, boost must be down
  • Target box shape used for melee status instead of frame type
  • Fighter type's Explosive Smash is absorbable
  • Smash true to its name now does a hit direction based push (think pool stick)


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Version 1793 Jul 12, 2018

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