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I've been working on the mobile version of Hunternet while continuing to update the PC version for our weekly playtests. Until the mobile port is done I'm going to keep these devlogs high level and a bit less detailed, as my time is limited. That said there are a few of the changes in the latest PC build that I wanted to highlight so here we go :).

  • First pass experimental look ahead and free look controls (go to Settings -> Controls to try this out!)
    • Enable look ahead controls, then hold Alt key for free look
    • Ever wonder what the back of the cockpit looked like now is your chance ;)
  • Fighter unblockable Explosive Smash when up close (similar to Ricochet Smash, more damage harder to aim)
  • Radar diamond animation if ship on radar is firing (green if you are their target, otherwise white)
  • New optional auto targeting system implemented (on by default Settings -> Controls)
  • New optional auto fire system (human like reaction & accuracy limits, on by default Settings -> Controls)
  • Explosive and Ricochet now push wreckages and powerballs (foil your opponents, scavenge with the best)
  • Push only clears homing target instead of switching it like repel
  • Filtering supported resolutions and only listing those that match current refresh rate
  • Fighter type can no longer early spawn, but on the other hand, boost no longer sets their spawn point
  • Narrowed the cone on fighter smash from 90 degrees to 60 degrees
  • Return of engine stun for fighter type

The mobile port is coming along really well and the controls have turned out super nice. Who new Hunternet could work so well on such small devices :)If you'd like to playtest the upcoming mobile beta be sure to join the discord if you haven't already.

Stay frosty,
Fernando Z

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