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Since the last devlog, I've refined the new Fighter type and updated the help for it. I also have begun working on a multiplayer compatible mobile version of Hunternet. In the past, I had decided against a mobile port as I couldn't see the scout working well on that platform. But since the new Fighter Type is a good match for touch controls and mobile PvP has become more viable I changed my mind. I've already got the game running on Android and have implemented a full set of touch controls. This has been enough to validate the concept, but there is still plenty more to be done before a refined port is ready for testing. Once the mobile port is in good shape I'll be asking the Hunternet community on discord to help test it. In today's build, I have some balance changes for the fighter type (melee cone is nerfed and thruster stun is back). The bots have also been made more aggressive vs. trainee ranked players so they will put up more of a fight. Next week I'll be focusing on the mobile port but to keep our playtests interesting I will also prototype some gameplay changes I've been planning to test. Probably that will mean universal pushback on hit and kickback on fire.

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Fernando Z

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