Introducing the Quad Frame!

This build introduces the new experimental Quad Frame. So now there are four flight models to choose from. My friend Keebz got me into quads so I decided to experiment with a new frame that captured the feeling that I've been getting from flying quads in real life. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Here is a quick stream I did showing off the basics of the new Quad Frame:

Fernando Z
p.s. Unfortunately, I've caught the flu. It hasn't been that bad but it's caused some downtime from dev work. I still plan on hosting today's playtest, but I may spend more time in spectator mode depending on how I'm feeling.

New Features

  • Added new experimental Quad Frame (left+up+stance)
  • Forward == quad frame boost (no discount & more expensive than smash, can fire)
  • Back == pitch independent back tilt (does not work with boost)
  • Left/Right == fixed roll (single up thruster model)
  • Quad frame target box is a square
  • Quad Frame FX is forward green lights and aft red lights
  • Added a new Quad Boost FX
  • Toggle Up setting on/off instead of hold/release (Earth and Quad frame only)
  • New setting to always show mini player list (default is off)
  • Added command to turn powerball support on/off


  • Being bungeed now disables Absorb and Repel
  • Frogged ships can no longer use Ricochet speed boost (satellite or space)
  • Frogged satellite ships no longer retain impulse at end of smash
  • Space counter-thrust mode is now also uncapped like drift mode
  • Space uncapped acceleration rate increased a bit
  • Slight speed increase for Earth Frame thrusters
  • Don't show target reticle unless player is being actively tracked
  • Terrain/Stationary pip does not change color during cool down (stays yellow)
  • Fixed reticle outer ring no longer color coded for high speed or radar state
  • Fixed reticle outer ring now shows charging status instead of target pip
  • Target reticle no longer changes color when in close proximity (use target box)
  • Reticle shape type based not frame: hex=fixed round=terrain spiky=target
  • Single click heatsink/ability switch (buying one sells the other)
  • Hangar display UI always shows descriptions (display only)
  • Powerball can now be pushed off from other player's bungee


  • Nothing to see here, move along :D

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Version 1655 Mar 10, 2018

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