They were kung-fu fighting!

I'm on vacation visiting friends and family in the US :). I'm still hosting our weekly playtest but devlogs and updates will be a little slower than usual. Things should speed up during March and return to normal when I'm back in Taiwan in April. This devlog actually covers multiple builds and some changes were added then removed so they didn't make it to the list ;) Should be a fun build to playtest. Be sure to try out Space + uncapped drift mode and Earth frame + Rocket/Grenade switching.


New Features

  • New and improved object pooling system
  • Beginning of improved rendering system
  • Added 10 new background songs
  • Added support for music shuffle (not just random start)
  • Add GPU and instancing info to graphics settings panel
  • Players without GPU instancing have "-" appended to their name


  • Optimized cockpit view
  • Only show animated diamonds when x-threats detected if trainee rank
  • More prominent animation of X for repel/absorb/fuxion
  • Death screen wrecking spree line now also includes live time
  • Ricochet damage decreased (but previous nerfs reverted)
  • Earth: auto+spacebar=grenade, manual+spacebar=rocket, ground=grenade
  • Earth frame powerglide thrust decreased in non-forward directions
  • Start out with max heat sinks
  • Space drift mode uncapped speed limit but with lower acceleration
  • Removed trainee bodyguards


  • Fix: Turning on match mode when players were dead put them into zombie state
  • Fix: Drunken smash FX was getting stuck (Zopto)

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Version 1648 Feb 25, 2018

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