The balance is in the details

This week's build has some game balance changes and more usability improvements. I've also switched from DX9 to DX11 (with DX9 as fallback). If all goes well next week's build will have some performance improvements that DX11 now makes possible. This should help the game run more smoothly and will be especially useful once Armada mode is in.

Thanks to everyone who joined our weekly playtest I had a blast :D

Stay frosty,
Fernando Z

New Features

  • New hit fail sfx when hitting absorbing or repelling player
  • Switched GUI for volume values from text fields to new sliders
  • Support for optional pre-loaded object pools


  • Increased Earth Frame's Explosive bounciness
  • Absorb & Repel cool down was 800ms now 1000ms
  • Reduced double ricochet cost was 2.5x of solo cost now 2x solo cost
  • Space Frame Ricochet drift now activated by pressing back instead of up+down
  • Repair times no longer increase with equipment or heat sink count
  • Docs: Tracer x-ray unlimited target distance, self-hack link protection
  • Shield stun status marker inside target box now white was red
  • DX11 now default graphics API with DX9 as the fallback
  • Added instancing support check to the main menu (please report)


  • Flawless delivery XD

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Version 1634 Jan 28, 2018

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