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I forgot to post the dev log last week, so this covers the last two updates. I added 8 additional jams for your listening pleasure, so pump the jams :D Last two builds focused on changes that make game mechanics such as absorb, radar, and death fog clearer. I also reworked the GUI a bit to give it a custom look. Some important bugs also got squashed thanks to my dear playtesters, that when they are not busy destroying me have been invaluable. This week I'm starting work on a new mode that I'm really excited to try with you all. Armada vs. Armada mode is on the way!

Fernando Z

New Features

  • Dynamic red death fog floor to better communicate and judge danger
  • On detection diamond animation around enemy blips on passive radar
  • Thicker animated target box X when Absorb or Repel shields are up
  • Thicker animated Fuxion X next to target player energy bars
  • Added eight new music tracks that automatically cycle (9 total)
  • On game launch starting song is now picked at random (from 9 songs)
  • New graphical target facing angle indicator on target box (was numerical)
  • New completely custom GUI skin
  • Side panel is now an overlay instead of a separate camera panel
  • Side panel starts hidden and "Press ESC to show menu" shown
  • Added a bit of lore text to main menu
  • Animate "lore text" and "Press ESC for menu" in the main screen


  • Targeting distance now unlimited if using x-ray tracer
  • Self-hack now protects against link
  • Shortened match break time from 5 min to 30 seconds
  • Alpha #3 is now the default player list key
  • Target key default full list time was 2 seconds now 10 seconds
  • Also show target key's mini player list when using tracer
  • Updated community message and added a join discord button to the window
  • Mouse0, Mouse1, Mouse2 now displayed as Left/Right/Middle Mouse
  • Made room for MiddleMouse without need to wrap text in help screen
  • Improved equipment and heat sink descriptions
  • Increased default cockpit field of view from 80 to 90 (the max)
  • Death fog laser grid now double sided and a bit brighter
  • Show FOV lines in passive radar when foes are nearby


  • Fix: Self hack/unhack death glitch (Zenphix)
  • Fix: Turret glitches from last play test (Zenphix & Zopto)
  • Fix: Spelling error in fundamentals guide (Revolver)
  • Fix: Arena default spawn area needed to be moved up
  • Fix: Added guard against popup list out of bounds errors (Robofs, sound settings)


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Version 1626 Jan 21, 2018

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