Get Wrecked!

This week's build introduces wrecking sprees. How many ships can you wreck in a row before succumbing yourself? Also to help you with your wrecking business there are two new telemetry options, one shows target relative speed the other your targets facing angle towards you, keep both of these in the green zone for maximum efficiency. Check out the list below for all the changes. Next week I will probably work on some graphical updates and do another small promotional push.

Stay frosty,
Fernando Z

New Features

  • Track per player wrecking spree, show in tip, status bar, and player list
  • Extra Telemetry: Target relative speed (default setting is hidden)
  • Extra Telemetry: Target's angle towards you (default setting is hidden)
  • Large 3D arena welcome message, disappears when passed, cadet & vet versions
  • Also smoothen reticle if turret host is earth frame and gliding
  • Added separate Space Jams volume (in ship music volume)


  • non-trainees start with Explosive instead of Ricochet
  • Earth Frame solo ricochet was 75 to 150 now from 75 to 120
  • Can only summon one mob while in safe zone (Revolver)
  • Added Hold H for more options to all Safe Zone hangar dialogs
  • Marvin bounty limited to a max of $4 + team size
  • If trainee explosive slot has heatsink equipped by default


  • Fix: Bots on button was not working properly
  • Fix: Summons where giving you credits when they shouldn't (Zopto)
  • Made sure Marvin Sensei is not counted as a one man stack in Fuxion Wars
  • Bug: teleport switches alliance on your own summons (Zopto)

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Version 1608 Jan 07, 2018

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