Happy Potato Mode

Happy New Year my dear fellow Hunters :D

The much anticipated "potato friendly" mode is here. If you have a laptop or an old PC that was having trouble running Hunternet even on the old low settings be sure to check out this build. The new potato mode preset and settings should allow almost anyone to reach a playable frame rate. If potato mode does not solve your frame rate woes please let me know.

Stay frosty,
Fernando Z

New Features

  • If main menu fps drops below 40 highlight Graphics & Potato mode buttons in red
  • New Simple Models setting switches a subset to extra simple map models
  • New Simple Shaders setting switches to extra simple shading for models
  • Added Potato graphics preset (Simple Model, Simple Shader, etc.)


  • Don't show FPS in side menu until background loading is complete
  • Show loadout as ability+heatsinks/hardpoints (in player list and help screen)
  • Changed main menu music
  • Replaced some of the map models with generated lower poly versions
  • Added, "Hold H for more options" to all hangar dialogs.


  • Fix: quikcly -> quickly in range HUD diagram (Hamster)
  • Fix: "Max/No Heat Sinks" button was not refreshing equipment grid state
  • Fix: Made sure Marvin Sensei does not try to bodyguard new players


hunternet-windows-alpha.zip 274 MB
Version 1595 Dec 31, 2017

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