It's getting hot in here!

I'm extra excited about this week's build. It introduces to really cool features. First, heat sinks. You can now equip heat sinks. These will make your ship and existing abilities more efficient but at the cost of an equipment slot. Second, the shooting range, long coming, has finally arrived. Please drop by and say hello to Marvin Sensei. Be sure to check out the nice informational display he has prepared for you all and get don't tell anyone about fight club ;). As always tomorrow will be our weekly play test, join us and get schooled :D

Fernando Z

New Features

  • Support to buy/sell heat sinks as alternative for each equipment slot
  • Each heat sink will lower thruster use costs
  • Each heat sink will lower ability use cost (immediate and continuous)
  • Default loadout now includes five heat sinks plus Ricochet, Smash, & Tracer
  • Smart Max/No Heat Sinks button added to Help screen
  • Display heat sink status in tracer target equipment display
  • Display heat sink count in player list when using tracer
  • If you respawn unarmed, heat sinks are sold before entering spectator mode
  • Added heat sink support to hangar displays
  • Non-agro Marvins are now green in satellite view
  • Added shooting range area with portals in and out of it
  • Added post with the 3 rules of fight club
  • Added HUD description diagram to range
  • Added monsters to shooting range
  • Added Marvin Sensei to shooting range
  • Tweaked Marvin Sensei behavior to better suit his new role
  • Set all scores admin command, good for Apex and Super Apex testing
  • Added dual/solo sfx to Ricochet mode button in help screen


  • VoiceBot default log level was Focus is now Solo
  • Updated Frame info and removed redundant text tips
  • Summons don't report kills when in safe zone
  • Monsters don't give credits when killed in safe zone
  • Added tracer to default bot loadout


  • There are known unknowns ;)

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Version 1589 Dec 22, 2017

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