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In this weeks build I improved the builtin help experience by moving it out of the main menu and into the game. Now that players are having much fewer problems with the learning curve I've been seeing more time is spent experimenting with Hunternet's advanced equipment and I wanted to make sure those players had easy access to equipment descriptions and other information when they wanted it. I also volunteer my ship as a target of experimentation so when you are done experimenting on the Marvins drop by our discord. But watch out this mouse bites back and may actually be a fox :D

Stay frosty,
Fernando Z

New Features

  • Light blue square in radar center when in drift or manual glide modes
  • Center engine trail dissipates when drifting as space frame
  • Marvins will not gain score if no humans are in the arena
  • Display mouse auto-calibration reticle tip message on join.
  • Add hold H for help and to equip anywhere banner to Hangar
  • Added equipment descriptions to hangar (when purchased)
  • Show need for secondary key when hotkey is double equipped in hangar
  • Added equipment descriptions to help screen (equipped or unequipped)


  • Added thruster aiming to fundamentals guide & "challenge me"
  • Trainee's now start with zero extra credit (was 5cr)
  • Lowered academy poster walls, for easier skipping, Updated text.
  • Swapped location of Ricochet and Explosive in hangar


  • Flawless Weekaly

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Version 1583 Dec 16, 2017

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