Welcome Cadets, it's nice to have you aboard!

These last weeks changes have been all about the new player experience. Hunternet is a deep and challenging game, but that does not mean it that it can't have a smooth learning curve. These changes and more to come should help ease new cadets into the game without changing the game all of us vets have come to love :D

Welcome to all our new cadets to our community! I've already met a lot of you and look forwarding to meeting you all someday soon in the Hunternet. As always your feedback and ideas are always welcome I would love to hear from you.

Stay frosty!
Fernando Z

New Features

  • Trainee's get ricochet cost discount (discount decreases as they rank up)
  • Trainee's get blue double ricochet, speed boost decreases with rank
  • Trainee thruster discounted slowly increases to normal until they graduate


  • Ricochet replaces Explosive in default loadout
  • Ricochet default mode is now dual instead of solo
  • New players now spawn in the HUB instead of in the Academy
  • Equipment no longer unlocked by rank during training mode
  • Trainee's now starting with enough credits for the fourth ability of their choice
  • Trainee's only get damage reduction vs. bots (no armor vs other humans)
  • Trainee's no longer lose damage reduction if they are apex
  • Help screen buy/sell once again always available
  • On attempted use "Hold H to purchase" instead of "Return to Hangar"
  • Help screen buy message for attempted summoning
  • Removed trainee hangar message from help screen
  • Trainees can't use frame without first buying it in safe zone
  • Reworded: aim with the "circled" pip to "pulsing" pip to avoid ambiguity
  • Updated Academy text for extra clarity
  • Non-agro bots now also show as green in passive radar
  • Bot agro now earned on bot kill instead of bot wreckage pickup
  • Bot agro now always reset on player death
  • Increased Tin tier minimum bounty (Demogorgon)


  • Fix: Fuxion Wars was not working if team leader wasn't also the turret host

For many more devlogs visit Hunternet's devlog archives.


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