Hunternet is go!

The final build before our pilot recruitment drive. Most important change is the new .notrain command that players can use to skip training. Skipping training is usually not recommended but if you don't mind the loss of the gradual learning curve and the difficulty adjustment enter .notrain into chat and jump straight into the deep side of the pool :D

Fernando Z

New Features

  • Display "Break Time" and then "Match Time" in status bar
  • Settings to hide: speedometer, reticle tips, target key UI, and chat
  • New smash on player or monster hit fx
  • Show team count/player count in fuxion wars in status bar
  • Added .notrain command skip training tiers


  • Allow player icon distance to be set to zero (for screenshots and videos)
  • Free safe zone frame now only available if you meet rank prereqs
  • Match time increased from 20min to 25min, break time still 5min
  • Removed old school obsolete portion of crash fx
  • Allow take a break reminder as low as 1 minute (minimum was 10min)
  • Renamed Fundamentals to Basics for better UI layout (Robofs)
  • Moved and updated directional smash lesson in Academy
  • Baked new six server data into client as master fallback


  • Fix: Best Run/Chose One respawn in safe zone rule was backwards
  • Fixed a Decoy + Push bug and added some prevention (Zopto)

This the devlog entry for this build. For a full devlog history click here.

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Version 1569 Nov 29, 2017

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