Form Blazing Sword!

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Get ready for Fuxion Wars. This new game mode has you battling to see which stack of turrets is the last one standing. Destroyed enemy ships will respawn as a turret on your ship. Destroy other stacks to add all of them to your ship.

Build also includes several animated aids for new players, which will help teach the fundamentals even if you ignore everything in the academy area. I've also made optimizations to help the game run more smoothly and sound better with a large number of players. I've made a few updates to the website and hope to produce a recruitment video to help us increase our ranks so we can properly test, tune, and balance large-scale combat.

Fernando Z

New Features

  • Added Robofs Mode setting, disables the spectate button on the help screen, our most important new feature first ;)
  • Fuxion Wars, destroy players to make them your turrets
  • Fuxion war end of match scored by fuxion count
  • You lose all your captured turrets after death
  • Do not allow fast respawn during Fuxion Wars
  • Self-destruct deaths also result in spawning as a turret
  • No self or friendly damage in fuxion wars (avoids sabotage)
  • Fly through turret traps in fuxion wars (avoids sabotage)
  • Allow shopping outside of safe zone in Fuxion Wars
  • Reset teams at end of break time during Fuxion Wars
  • Turrets cannot use teleport durig Fuxion Wars (prevents escape)
  • Fuxion Wars goal bounty is zero so wreckages always give full bonus energy
  • Red animated energy bar box to help players make overheat connection
  • New target pip conveyance animation (and extra message for trainees)
  • Target pip circle animation lasts 1/5 as long for non-trainees
  • Trainee "press tab to target" tip and target player animation
  • Beginners get voiced training alerts tips on first appearance
  • Allways allow use of frame in safe zone (no need to equip it)
  • Only Paper Ant and Paper Spider get prominent training tip messages
  • Show your current alive time at top of full player list (next to play time)
  • Best run time added to death message
  • If chosen one killed indirectly credit last player to hit them
  • New chosen one death screen messages, including total gathered $$$
  • New audio specific pooling system for short lived sounds
  • Improved support for large numbers of simultaneous sounds
  • Added hotkey to owned equipment's hangar sell labels
  • Current targeted player and their projectiles are culling exempt
  • No "taken lead" or "rank change" messages if in safe zone with zero score


  • Retuned minimum bounty for Hunter Ratings (lowered for low and high tiers)
  • Engine, glide, and slide sfx play/stop sound optimization
  • Fade engine sounds out after passive radar range
  • Additional audio culling for some flyby sounds
  • Lowered audio priority of explosive flyby to match ricochet and homing
  • Improved top down view text in Academy ("left" is confusing)
  • Prevent permanent loss of rank due to use of admin set rank command
  • Do not log marvin bounty pickups and deliveries to the chat log
  • No rank up/down report unless top three ranks involved
  • No apex penalty during chosen one or best run modes
  • pre-placed monster idle sounds now start at random times (like anims)
  • Lowered volume of match message and lead taken sfx
  • Chosen One scores reset at end of break not at end of match
  • Tribe XZY in full player list is now all in magenta


  • Fix: Bug with monster summoning and match mode reset (Zopto)
  • Fix: Link should require up+down not just down to charge!
  • Fix: Smash thruster sfx was cutting off during long smashes
  • Fix: Sometimes turrets would survive the death of their host

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Version 1565 Nov 01, 2017

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